22 April 2012 08:53 pm
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Luckily my grades are all okay. Of course there's room for improvement but at least I met my own expectations.

Today I shot some traditional black and white photos for my class. Our project is a sequence, meaning we have to take a series of pictures and arrange them on a mat, telling a story.

I like the idea very much, though it wasn't mine, since this weekend my brainstorming capabilities have been hindered because of studying for upcoming tests tomorrow (and the rest of the week! Oh standardized tests are so dull!) so I asked my brother to help me since he was home this weekend. Not telling yet, but I'll post it here when I've finished printing them.

I really want to print them.

Miss Super-Good-At-Procrastinating
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 of freedom.

I finally finished all my homework.
And ... yeah.

Brother is off to college. Life, is life.
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 Feels like I've been neglecting dreamwidth for a bit.

Life is busy, blah blah blah, all the etc.

At the moment I have scanlation duties, a script to write and direct [due this week], tests to study for, an audition to practice for, and a commission to finish. Still, it's not as bad as some people.

So I'm crawling along slowly, hoping I can make it out of this school year alive.

I hope I can take driving school this summer. My mother is debating with herself and my father about it. Crossing my fingers!

This Friday I attended my school's orchestra banquet. Click to read more... )
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 Haven't been on in about three days.

Due to the fact that on Monday of this spring break I was playing Touhou instead of doing homework. Blah, who wants to do homework when you have a whole week off?

So my mother ground me from touching the computer at all (not even for homework) until I finished cleaning my room. Ouch.

I have to say, it wasn't very fair because Tuesday was my sister's birthday and we spent half the day out. At least I got to stuff myself with sushi and finish watching Jigoku Shoujo Season 1 (courtesy of my sister).

And it also wasn't fair on Wednesday since I had to go with my brother to a college visitation three and a half hours away. O joy.

Thursday I actually finished. But I went to go play Quelf with my buddies at church. Lots of fun.

Friday I watched Up (again, but this time tried not to cry). I did go on the computer, but only checked my email and Facebook.

So today I checked my deviantART. 1,239 messages and I'm still crawling through some of them....

At least my room is clean.


7 March 2011 08:13 pm
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 This day was an interesting one.

Over the weekend I got sick. A cold, I think. Just runny nose and sore throat and coughing. Highly contagious. So everyone in my family is sick except for my sister.

My dad and mom told my brother and me to drink some NyQuil before we went to bed.

And I didn't.

So in the morning, my parents were pretty pissed. ("You have the nerve to disobey your parents even when we deliberately tell you what to do?" or something like that.) I didn't understand what was so infuriating about me not drinking NyQuil. I mean, it's just medicine, and me being a freak, I hate ingesting all those different chemicals (though they may be beneficial). I'd rather fight my way out of illness the natural way.

They got even angrier at my brother because he lied that he drank it. Jeez, father, did you actually check the exact level of the medicine?

So my mother took both of us to school, very pissed.

So pissed, in fact, when she dropped me off, she drove off without letting me grab my things from the trunk (unintentionally). I had to run 30 or so meters and knock on the driver's window before she realized what was happening. Haha, my workout for the day.

And then in Geography, my teacher said, "Now roll the burrito and stick it in halfway through the hole." Taken out of context... /shot/

In Biology, my teacher wrote objectives on the board:

Students will be able to:
  1. Not annoy the teacher.
  2. List all the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs in alphabetical order.
  3. Summarize Charles Darwin's biography and etc...
I love my Biology teacher. Though we write like lunatics in there—exhausting.

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I hate Mondays.
Well, not only because it's the start of the week, but it's also the day I have piano lessons. And I admit, I'm not big on practicing.

Taught my friend how to make paper cranes. She can make other cool stuff but strangely she's never learned how to make a paper crane.

And who knew that shooting hoops for 15 minutes could wear you out? Well I never really bothered shooting hoops before. For the rest of the 45 minutes of P.E. we faked.

I heard Durarara!! episode 25 came out. Unfortunately the subs have not... So I must wait.

Journalism 1 used to be my favorite class. But ever since we got the student teacher it really is slow and it sucks. The student teacher teaches terribly - she talks too fast and has a specific way to do everything. Our oblivious teacher just sits in the corner and taps away on her Apple laptop. I can't blame her though...

And in health we watched this old movie called Life is Beautiful. And because everybody passed their test, the student teacher bought us mangoes. So we ate and watched for the whole period. Lovely.

Tuesdays: a whole lot better.
Mainly because my sister has cello lessons and my brother has after-school orchestra rehearsals, so I have the house all to myself. I really don't do anything except watch the newest episode of Bleach and check my messages. It's amazing how so much messages can build up in one night, especially on deviantArt.

This morning got to sleep in because we had a state-standardized test. So I didn't have to go until 8:30. That was an extra hour of sleep. The test was fairly easy, but soon I got extremely bored and made 2 tiny paper cranes.
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 Tomorrow is President's Day! Which means no school. Which doesn't make sense to me, since there's still 2 or 3 days to make up. But I guess I should enjoy it while I can.

Today we were supposed to go straight home from church, but my mother and father were talking to someone. Asian parents take forever if they begin conversing with other people, especially parents. My brother tried to catch my parents' attention by playing his violin outside the building, in front of the windows. A lot of people gave him weird stares, but strangely enough, neither parent even noticed. And so we stood there for about a half-hour or more before we finally came home. I swear, it's like once you get parents talking, you can't stop them. @_@

I finished reading Shinrei Tantei Yakumo today. It was almost as good as the anime, but I really liked hearing the voice of Daisuke Ono over the pretty pictures, lol.
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Just so you know, I'm just an Asian girl trying to survive in a stereotypical world.

This blog is pretty much an account of my life. Day to day, week to week. Boring stuff, probably. But if you do take the effort to listen and hear me out, I thank you for your time.

I really like Durarara!! the anime, and for some reason, Shizuo just reminded me of my brother too much. The only points I could put down was that (1) they were both stronger than they looked (2) they had 2 sides, one calm, one outraged. I couldn't find anything else, but both of them seemed so much the same.

I did share Durarara!! with my brother, and he told me that Shizuo was like a grown-up kid. He has tantrums, likes sweet things (episode 7, where he drinks milk and his brother eats some treat of his), and etc. etc...

Know where I'm leading with this?

Today, I finally made the connection. Both my brother and Shizuo were pretty childish. They were like 5-year olds with the intellectual capacities of regular people their age, but the way they behaved, they acted was what was making me compare them - subconsciously.

I swear, my brother is outrageously childish. My mother tells him to drink milk (ok, he doesn't really like milk like Shizuo) and he just refuses. I mean, it'd be ok if he refused passively, but he just glares at my mother defiantly and says no in the rudest way possible. And that's what provokes her, so she insists. And this tumbling cycle rolls all over itself and soon there's a fiery atmosphere. If only he had been polite, none of this would've happened.

About almost everything has to be his way. It's what irks me. He always has to get the best. It's selfish, and I hate it very much.

Now don't get me wrong, my brother can be such an idiot, but he can be quite nice and thoughtful too. He just doesn't show it very often. He'll give me tips on art, advice on social problems (though I don't always take it), share delicious snacks he has, treat me to ice cream with his own money. We could spend a whole night discussing anime/manga/games/concepts/theories/whatever.

But this is probably a typical love/hate relationship between brother and sister. It's great, because we can be complete jerks to each other but in the end, we'll still stay buddies.

But if only I could help him see his mistakes, and not get beat up about it. That's what's impossible.


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