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Hah~ I like how I just about never update on here anymore.
Actually I don't.

One of my friends was willing to adopt four of my guppies, since I had to make room for at least nine two-week old baby fry. I decided to give them to her on Sunday, when we would see each other at church. But they died before they could reach her hands.

I feel so bad, because it was my neglect that killed them. I failed to stop my father who naively used tap water (treated) to contain the fish instead of aquarium water. Apparently the new water was too much of a shock and all four of them died.

Guilt guilt guilt.

Even if it is just four small fish, I just feel awful that I killed something. Even if I blame it on my father, it's still my fault.


But I guess I have to ignore it, since there's nothing else to be done.

This week I'm helping out at my church's children's art camp. Man, it's exhausting, and some of the kids are vehemently vexing. But most of them are just fine.

Also on Wednesday, I'll be completing driver's ed with the final lesson: the infamous parallel parking. Honestly, I'm tired of driving school, especially since I've had to endure watching at least three other drivers complete the fourth lesson (country driving) on the same road.

I've also been watching Natsuyuki Rendezvous, a josei anime about a love triangle between a florist, a man, and the florist's dead husband, who is currently in ghost form. Unfortunately, only the man can see the ghost, causing some very interesting reactions. The concept is very entrancing, the characters and cast are excellent, and the music portions are emotion-inducing. Because it's in the josei genre, the feel is definitely very different and I can't feel any stereotypical vibes anywhere. The characters are very lifelike in personality and all likable. Just one thing though; I feel like the story is escalating so fast, despite the fact that it's actually calm and undramatic! Wait, it is kind of dramatic? I can't really tell anyways, because it feels like both. Ah, but it is a strange love triangle and I'm curious about it's ending. However, I'll probably finish the anime before I pick up the manga.

I love short hair this summer.
Oh, and if I'm not on the computer it's nearly almost always because I'm playing minesweeper (such a useless game) on my Kindle or watching gymnastics or swimming for the 2012 London Olympics. I'm so lazy.

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 Hi y'all nonexistent peoples who just stop by to read my blog.

I wonder if I should switch over to since their layout is so nice... And it's mostly user-friendly, except for the annoying, constant, "switch over to premium" reminders. But otherwise it's more beautiful. And dreamwidth is nice, but it seems more geared towards communities, which I barely use. LOL.

For now, I'm sticking here, until I can find some legitimate reason to switch. I mean, geez! I already have a (dead) blogspot, a cross-posting livejournal, not to mention two tumblrs (one inspiration/derp and one art blog). Yeah, when I look back at my blog list it's kind of depressing to see how spontaneous I am. The WordPress is up, but nothing's probably going to appear on it for a while, so you can relax. When I do finally decide to post on it though, you nonexistent peoples will find out first.

So life...
It's been great though I'm worrying about my grades tomorrow. I really hope they're above 90, but y'know, I'm such an overachieving slacker, so I probably won't do as good as I hope.

Yeah, I've actually been trying hard at Calculus, but this new series test thing is too mind-boggling for me. Or rather I understand it, but there's too many tests I have no idea which one to use. And no calculator?! My reliance on that thing is just way to heavy, isn't it?

I need to get my mother's day present framed this weekend! Who knows when I'll have another chance? I also need to finish my commission (which I've been terribly procrastinating on, please kill me) before the start of May. As well as that yearly Senior Skit at my church - that needs to be planned ASAP.

Yet I find myself drooling over animes and mangas without a second thought. And today I spent a lot of my time just tweaking my tumblr themes. But that's ok, right? I usually don't change them for months...

I'm so busy~ Probably need to go to sleep before my retinas melt into puddles of wax. I've been staring at the computer screen for 60% of my time this past week.
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Got my Wacom Bamboo today!

Meanwhile while I practice have a crappily-drawn Gai and Catharine.

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Potatoes today, mmm.
Almost didn't reach the 40,000 word mark. But I finally made it.

Tomorrow's Black Friday, meaning I'm going shopping for a tablet! And my father also promised me a PSP if I can keep up my grades and finish my online coursework. You betcha, I will get this thing. Now just how to figure out how to get Hakuouki Limited Edition... I don't think my parents would appreciate their daughter playing dating otome games with lots of blood in it. And my mom's an anti-demon kind of person. She wouldn't like the "Demon of the Fleeting Blossom" tagline. I mean, she even thought Allen Walker was a demon! I had to explain to her that he was an exorcist but she would not hear any of it!

Anyways, off to practice some Mushishi OSTs on the piano before I go to sleep! Super excited! But I just don't know what to get my parents. =___=
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My days are strange.

Yesterday I was having the best day in school. English was relatively easy, orchestra was fine (though we had a test), and I got to watch Gintama all 3rd period. And to top it off, my newspaper teacher ordered Cici's pizza for all of us. I never knew such a day at school could exist. My only problem was that my left foot's tendons kept cracking. More crack than pop.
When my feet get cold, they tend to stiffen and occasionally, they pop. But yesterday was extremely painful, especially when walking. I tried to pop out the cricks, hoping they would go away like they usually do but it didn't work. My foot was in pain the whole day. A blow to my otherwise delightful day. What sucked was before I was about to go to sleep, my foot stopped cracking and became itchy instead.

Today was a relatively sucky day at school: failed a quiz, had a fire drill, boring subjects in chemistry, substitute in AP World History. Yet however, I had no homework so I could do more at home, but somehow, it doesn't feel as fun as it was yesterday.

I don't know, these two days seem so similar yet so different. As I ramble on.

In other news, here's my plan to get things I want:
  1. Pay off debt to my parents (I need $40)
  2. Buy a tablet with remaining savings
  3. More commissions
  4. Save enough for a PSP + Hakuouki!
  5. More commissions
  6. Enough to buy current volumes of Pandora Hearts and Durarara!! (Coming out January 2012)
[Note: 4 and 6 are swappable]

Ah, I'm hopeless. This plan will take forever. I haven't had a commission since spring. I think I'll be more initiative...

In other other news, I'm selling AX: Alternative Manga. It's in relatively good condition and I'm willing to part with it for $25, shipping price included. Check out the link for more info.

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 As the end of summer draws near, I am rushing to finish everything.
  1. Summer reading (60%)
  2. Online P.E. (25%)
  3. Drawings! (40%)
I'm such a fool for being a procrastination. But it's altogether too much tempting. Too much. Been watching anime all summer, ohoho. But that's mostly because there's no time during the school year, which is why I only focus on manga. Ah, I think I'm a hopeless fangirl.

I really miss talking to my friends and I wish to see them soon! On Wednesday I'll be picking up my schedule and hopefully it is what I want.

Well, going to go to eat ice cream!
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 It happens a lot.

This year I have two summer assignments. One for English and one for AP World History; Ethan Frome and Guns, Germs, and Steel respectively.

Finished Ethan Frome, but I'm nowhere near the required annotation. Still, I'm planning to reread it the week before school starts (August 22nd).

However, Guns, Germs, and Steel is so thick and heavy, chapters up to 50 pages, maybe more. I don't know how I'll finish this in time, and write a summary with a supplementary picture. I've only done a chapter (plus the introduction) but have about 15 more to go. I'm doomed, all because I'm a stinking procrastinator.

I can't work on it much this week, because my church has an art camp I'm helping out with.

And I also have online P.E., which my parents said I had to finish before school starts.

And so there's little room for finishing my drawings. (Yet somehow I still find time to watch Ao no Exorcist, Tiger & Bunny, No.6, and the likes. Shame on me.)

At least I had the courage to quit scanlating.

Better get going.
This pretty much sums up the reasons I'm not posting as often here on dreamwidth.
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 Woke up this morning, fresh and anew. The bathroom soap smells good, like fresh oranges.

Our first stop was Walmart, to buy some donuts for breakfast. My sister convinced my mother to buy us some powdered donuts. My mom said, "You better finish them," but we still have a whole bunch left to eat.

Second stop: Ether M Chocolate Factory. AKA the mother company of M&Ms and the bunch. It was a rather short tour, just walking down the production line, watching them drizzle chocolate onto caramel apples and inspecting molds of chocolate. At the end we got a complimentary piece of chocolate: either milk, white, or dark. I chose dark, and it was sweet and delicious.

There was an extensive cactus garden in the back of the factory, with hundreds of species of cacti. In fact, we spent more time in the garden than we did in the factory. But this was Las Vegas, Nevada, and I baked my legs in my jeans as we strolled among the spiny plants.

Then my brother bought an M&M umbrella. How .... cute? I don't have the exact word for it.

Shortly after, we visited the Hoover Dam. It was 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Strangely, it wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. The water seemed an unnatural blue-green.

And the rest of the way was just sleep sleep sleep in the car.

At around 10:30 P.M. we watched episode 7 of Durarara!! (Shizuo's background) on my netbook, and it was pretty laggy, but not laggy enough to not enjoy. My mother did not get it at all.

At around 11:15 P.M. we checked into our hotel in Albuquerque. Now my brother, my sister, and I are relaxing in the hotel, eating ramen (courtesy of the coffeemaker) while our parents are out to dine (probably at the Denny's close by). Hohoho.... let's party.

Tomorrow we'll be reaching home! I'm longing so much for my own bedroom. Some personal space, at least.
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Ah, today is the first day of my trip to the Grand Canyon. I never really mentioned anything about it in my blog, but if you've been tracking me on my tumblr, deviantart, or just talking to me, then you know about it.

Like before said, I'm not really excited for this trip. I mean, it's just looking at a giant crack in the ground. And some rocks. Which happen to be pretty. But since my parents have meticulously planned this trip, I can't say no, and I'm not going to complain. I'm going to try to enjoy it the best I can.

Right now I'm in the motel with insecure internet access. But at least there is internet. And at least it's decent. Not like anyone is really trying to hack into this silly little netbook anyways.

It took 10 hours to drive all the way here, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yup, that accounts for the sore bottoms today. At least I wasn't sitting in the middle like my sister, whose seat is extremely uncomfortable. I do feel sorry for her.

But as we drove into New Mexico, we began to see little mesas and to be honest, I became awed. It was pretty beautiful, the sights. The mountains were pretty cool too. This certainly gives me more hope for the Grand Canyon; if I can be awed by those small rocks, then I can be awed by a spectacular ravine most likely.

For lunch we ate at a Carl's Jr. The ladies seemed a bit overwhelmed with the customer demand and we waited a while for our order. Apparently it had got mixed up and forgotten, but they quickly worked to get us our food, and as an apology they even gave us two free cookies. Ah, they were nice people.

During the ride we did watch Baccano, all the way to episode 7. I got carsick after staring at the screen too long. But it's really nice to re-watch amazing anime.

For dinner we went to this Chinese restaurant. On the sign, it claimed to be the only authentic Chinese restaurant in the entire state of New Mexico. The service was nice. The waiter actually truthfully told us that some of the items on the menu were American Chinese, not authentic Chinese, but they advised us on our choices and we got a really good meal.

My fortune cookie says, "A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory." Wonder if that really applies to me. On the back: "LEARN CHINESE: - Skating 滑(liu) 冰(bing) - Lucky Numbers - 49, 28, 51, 20, 6, 7"

I'm tired from the trip. It's been a long ride and tomorrow will be at least 5 hours worth. I hope you all are having a fabulous week.
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Slept in until about 10, since this week has been wearing me out. Did just about 2-3 problems of math, practiced a bit of piano, random etc.

We visited some old friends who happened to be in town, or rather, in the town and hour away. We ate out at a great Chinese restaurant, had lots of lovely bamboo shoots and fish.

Later we went to the supermarket. Strangely, they were selling parrot fish at the fresh fish counter. It was strange. I was just walking along, blankly staring at the greys and browns and suddenly there's just this splash of blue and pink. Heh, I wouldn't have dared to eat it unless if the skin was peeled off. It was just too colorful. I did take some pictures, so I'll see if I can get them uploaded.


Gave my mom a cd, a blend of soft/summery anime soundtracks.

Had to finish the homework I didn't finish yesterday.

Drew something not in cartoon style. It took 1 hour to get the sketch and 2 hours to do some minor detail. This might take a while...

Well that's pretty much my weekend. It doesn't seem like much but I feel pretty happy.


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