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Finally my computer is fixed! One day I left it to sleep and it wouldn't wake again. Not even a force shut-down by holding the power button would work. So I just unplugged it, replugged it, and to my horror, found that the computer wouldn't turn on at all.

Turns out it was the power supply, which was replaced. It's much noisier than the original, but I'm not complaining. The only thing I'd love to complain about is my modem/internet th, which has suddenly decided that my computer no longer deserves a decent connection.

Ah, well, a three-day break from the computer is probably needed, since I've got to finish my homework. At least it gave me a chance to catch some two-hour naps and doodle a little bit.


1 May 2011 04:57 pm
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I dunno why I can't get off the computer. It's an addiction I need to take care of.

I'm promising myself once I finish typing this entry, I'll get off, FOR SURE. Hopefully I can stick with that, that is.

Yes, seriously my lifestyle will end up killing me. Basically I wake up, go to school, eat a lot of oily foods, come home, do homework, sit at the computer till dinner, then sit at the computer till bedtime. How unhealthy.

Now the foodstuff I eat is oily, seriously. No offense to Mom. But because I do have my mother's genes, my appearance is skinny. And the only part of me that is fat would most likely be my stomach. And I read somewhere in a Costco Connection magazine that belly fat is the most dangerous fat of all (more prone to heart attack, stroke, etc.)

So I must eat healthier and exercise. So painful.

Augh, I'm such a lazy bum...

On the other hand, I finally finished my 3rd commission.
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 Hasn't really showered here yet.

Hardly got fooled in April. Pfft.

This weekend I had a church convention. It was pretty fun, and I learned a lot about leadership (which I need) and I did get 4 free t-shirts. Nothing extremely exciting happened.

We're planning a skit as a good-bye present for all the seniors in my church, but unfortunately, we still don't know what to write it about and still have it be funny. And I lack a creative sense of humor...

So many things to do in April. I've just started Script Frenzy, which will take out chunks of my time. Also, I have commissions to work on, homework to do, things to plan, music to practice... I really should get on the computer less. It's no surprise I'm getting only 6 hours of sleep a night, but I should consider myself lucky because many more people get even less than I do.

Ah, life, why do you always cram the most important things at the same time?

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 For two days we had no internet. Apparently it was supposed to be fixed yesterday at 8 P.M., but it never did. Fortunately, today it's all right.

So how did I survive...?

On the first day, I just read Durarara novel translations (luckily I saved them on my computer) all the while folding paper stars. I never knew folding stars was so addicting.

So the next day, that's what I did, folding stars over and over again and putting them into glass bottles. It was so addicting, I couldn't study my math at all and my mother had to confiscate my paper, scissors, and glass bottles. Pffft, not like I don't have access to paper, mother. And I can always rip strips of paper. But maybe it was a good thing that she did that. I really was folding them into the wee hours of the morning.

On a side note, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan is an OK anime, but it's mildy tedious remembering everyone's name, since my mind isn't trained to memorize Japanese names...

Procrastination... who want's to read 3 chapters of A Tale of Two Cities at this time of the night? Bah, I have to do it anyways.


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