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 Hi y'all nonexistent peoples who just stop by to read my blog.

I wonder if I should switch over to since their layout is so nice... And it's mostly user-friendly, except for the annoying, constant, "switch over to premium" reminders. But otherwise it's more beautiful. And dreamwidth is nice, but it seems more geared towards communities, which I barely use. LOL.

For now, I'm sticking here, until I can find some legitimate reason to switch. I mean, geez! I already have a (dead) blogspot, a cross-posting livejournal, not to mention two tumblrs (one inspiration/derp and one art blog). Yeah, when I look back at my blog list it's kind of depressing to see how spontaneous I am. The WordPress is up, but nothing's probably going to appear on it for a while, so you can relax. When I do finally decide to post on it though, you nonexistent peoples will find out first.

So life...
It's been great though I'm worrying about my grades tomorrow. I really hope they're above 90, but y'know, I'm such an overachieving slacker, so I probably won't do as good as I hope.

Yeah, I've actually been trying hard at Calculus, but this new series test thing is too mind-boggling for me. Or rather I understand it, but there's too many tests I have no idea which one to use. And no calculator?! My reliance on that thing is just way to heavy, isn't it?

I need to get my mother's day present framed this weekend! Who knows when I'll have another chance? I also need to finish my commission (which I've been terribly procrastinating on, please kill me) before the start of May. As well as that yearly Senior Skit at my church - that needs to be planned ASAP.

Yet I find myself drooling over animes and mangas without a second thought. And today I spent a lot of my time just tweaking my tumblr themes. But that's ok, right? I usually don't change them for months...

I'm so busy~ Probably need to go to sleep before my retinas melt into puddles of wax. I've been staring at the computer screen for 60% of my time this past week.
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My days are strange.

Yesterday I was having the best day in school. English was relatively easy, orchestra was fine (though we had a test), and I got to watch Gintama all 3rd period. And to top it off, my newspaper teacher ordered Cici's pizza for all of us. I never knew such a day at school could exist. My only problem was that my left foot's tendons kept cracking. More crack than pop.
When my feet get cold, they tend to stiffen and occasionally, they pop. But yesterday was extremely painful, especially when walking. I tried to pop out the cricks, hoping they would go away like they usually do but it didn't work. My foot was in pain the whole day. A blow to my otherwise delightful day. What sucked was before I was about to go to sleep, my foot stopped cracking and became itchy instead.

Today was a relatively sucky day at school: failed a quiz, had a fire drill, boring subjects in chemistry, substitute in AP World History. Yet however, I had no homework so I could do more at home, but somehow, it doesn't feel as fun as it was yesterday.

I don't know, these two days seem so similar yet so different. As I ramble on.

In other news, here's my plan to get things I want:
  1. Pay off debt to my parents (I need $40)
  2. Buy a tablet with remaining savings
  3. More commissions
  4. Save enough for a PSP + Hakuouki!
  5. More commissions
  6. Enough to buy current volumes of Pandora Hearts and Durarara!! (Coming out January 2012)
[Note: 4 and 6 are swappable]

Ah, I'm hopeless. This plan will take forever. I haven't had a commission since spring. I think I'll be more initiative...

In other other news, I'm selling AX: Alternative Manga. It's in relatively good condition and I'm willing to part with it for $25, shipping price included. Check out the link for more info.

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 As the end of summer draws near, I am rushing to finish everything.
  1. Summer reading (60%)
  2. Online P.E. (25%)
  3. Drawings! (40%)
I'm such a fool for being a procrastination. But it's altogether too much tempting. Too much. Been watching anime all summer, ohoho. But that's mostly because there's no time during the school year, which is why I only focus on manga. Ah, I think I'm a hopeless fangirl.

I really miss talking to my friends and I wish to see them soon! On Wednesday I'll be picking up my schedule and hopefully it is what I want.

Well, going to go to eat ice cream!
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 Apparently, drawing men with abs isn't as hard as it looks. It just takes a lot of observation.

Which means that I end up staring at pictures of buff men.


3 March 2011 09:29 pm
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On Monday, a basketball hit me in the face.

Of course it hurt, but I just shrugged it off. And my friend, as expected, said, "Oh my goodness, are you ok?" And to which I nodded yes. Strangely, there was something like a bit of food in my mouth. I thought it was a bit of food, since chunks of rice and whatnot always gets stuck in my braces. And I swallowed it. =__=; And then I realized my lip was bleeding (just a bit) and that "chunk of food" was actually a chunk of my lip. How appetizing.

It's all healed now, and now when I think about it, I laugh.

My school bus drops me off at the corner of the street and I walk about half it's length to reach my house. I always ring the doorbell since I'm too lazy to get out my school keys, and graciously, my mother would open the door.

Yesterday I rang the doorbell and began to study my reflection in the screen door. The treated glass is supposed to reduce heat (our house faces west) but it works as a great mirror too. So I practically stood there, staring at myself while waiting for my mom to open the door. What I didn't know was that she was on the other side, watching me stare at myself. And for practically a minute. Boy was I embarrassed...

I forgot to list an article in my "works cited" section of my major English project. I really hope my teacher doesn't notice.

My gracious and good friend linked me to two older horror mangas, Fuan no Tane and Gyo.

Fuan no Tane is the creepiest manga I've ever read. Though most stories are only 3 pages long, it's pretty satisfying. Some don't make sense, but it is good. Now I'll have trouble sleeping tonight.

Gyo is a cheesy sci-fi/horror manga about fish, gas, and mechanical legs. It was interesting for the first few chapters, but after a while, it became very stereotypical and old. But that's to be expected, because it's a pretty old manga... And it totally killed the frightened mood from before.
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 Tomorrow is President's Day! Which means no school. Which doesn't make sense to me, since there's still 2 or 3 days to make up. But I guess I should enjoy it while I can.

Today we were supposed to go straight home from church, but my mother and father were talking to someone. Asian parents take forever if they begin conversing with other people, especially parents. My brother tried to catch my parents' attention by playing his violin outside the building, in front of the windows. A lot of people gave him weird stares, but strangely enough, neither parent even noticed. And so we stood there for about a half-hour or more before we finally came home. I swear, it's like once you get parents talking, you can't stop them. @_@

I finished reading Shinrei Tantei Yakumo today. It was almost as good as the anime, but I really liked hearing the voice of Daisuke Ono over the pretty pictures, lol.
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I feel great!

For my birthday dinner, my parents took my whole family to a Japanese restaurant. Sushi is love.

Everything was great, from the salad, to the scallops, to the raw fish. Everything was so delicious, except for the fact that there was a dab of wasabi under every piece of sashimi. Still, I haven't had such great food in ages!

My dad just had to mention to the waitress that it was my birthday, and she said I could have free ice-cream! I did get the green tea ice-cream, but not before they sang happy birthday to me first. It was embarrassing, sitting there with a bowl of ice-cream with one pink candle sticking out. But it was so good.

And they had these little Japanese bookmarks shaped like little Jigoku Shoujos made out of origami paper. They are so pretty!

And during the car ride home, I was presented with the gifts - 
  • A nice collage by my sister
  • A journal with hand-made paper
  • A funny acrostic poem bookmark (also by my sister)
  • And 3 flesh-toned copic markers!
Overall, it wasn't as bad as it could've been.
It also wasn't what I wished for, but really the copic markers alone just make me happy. Lame-ish gifts? Possibly, but it really is the thought that counts.

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 This is the third day that there's been no school.

I'm kind of glad. I had a test on Wednesday, but that's been canceled. Which gives me much more time to study. And goof off, of course.

But then I don't have anything very big to look out for, so I'd rather go to school and get it over with than make it up later on holidays or even worse, my summer vacation.

There's never been snow, or rather ice, I should say, over here in Texas. It's so cold, all the moisture in the snow has frozen, so it's become one large slab of ice instead of that wonderful wet snow we know. And the only snow that isn't frozen is powdery, which is no fun.

So I spend my time drawing, finishing up requests, checking my daily messages constantly, commenting, etc. etc. I have no life if my computer was taken away from me. Except maybe drawing.

I have to accompany my brother on his violin solo using the piano. To be honest, I haven't really been serious about it and so I hardly practice. The competition is supposed to be this Saturday, but guess what? Canceled, because of the icy conditions. That's a relief.

But tomorrow, Friday, our church has a Valentine's day party, and that's definitely rescheduled. I was really looking forward to it too. We usually dress formal, have a dinner (this year guys are preparing the food), a speaker, then gifts are given (girls are giving guys a gift this year). Because I absolutely refuse to wear a dress this year - it is really cold, after all, XD - I was planning to wear a dress shirt, a vest, some slacks, and a tie to finish it off.

The party has been rescheduled to Feb. 18. But that sucks! Who's ever heard of a V-day party after V-day itself?! It's not going to be as exciting as it could be. But then I shouldn't worry too much. I don't really romanticize... Unless if you could call my fangirlism romanticizing.

Ah! I ordered Realies from today! I really hope I can get it soon. It's a great manhwa, and I'm looking forward to rereading the chapters. It's supposed to have a second volume, but I guess Lee Si-young was too busy drawing other things to continue with Realies. How depressing. Oh well, it should be shipped in 3 days. :D


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