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不要爱世界和世界上的事;人若爱世界, 爱父的心就不在他里面了。(约壹 2:15)
I'm so proud that I can read the above verse without any help. Really. Hopefully I can learn more and more

Watching the light on the dash
Warning that we're gonna crash
   - One More Crash by Faded Paper Figures
I feel so overwhelmed by school and extracurricular activities. It's been so bad that I hardly have time to draw, not even to work on commissions! I've apologized deeply on my deviantart, but the art's not going to get done until my schoolwork dwindles down. Hopefully, I can achieve things.

I have two take home tests, one difficult calculus packet of worksheets, five chapters of Bless Me, Ultima to read and annotate for a quiz on Tuesday, a Chemistry test on Monday, an advertisement for newspaper to sell, orchestra to rehearse for, a Valentine's Day party to plan for (food, decorations, and background music), an annual skit to prepare fore, a dumpling party to plan (as well as create the invitations), community service hours to complete, a document analysis paper for AP World History as well as reading chapter 21, finding a suitable song for church offertory, and practicing the piano part for my friend's violin solo.

At least I had my solo/ensemble today; don't have to worry about that anymore.

And this is only my sophomore year? Isn't this supposed to be one of the better years of high school? I might as well shoot myself in the head before I can draw anything seriously. I haven't been able to practice much with my new-ish tablet. My calculus and newspaper (missing the advertisement grade) grades aren't helping either. And I also have to plan for my junior year classes. My teachers think that students are delinquents with nothing to do, therefore they assign so much.

No time for myself, so I make some. Sleep deprived, I drag myself through school. Because I try to read my manga or watch my anime or scroll through tumblr so my life isn't monotone homework schoolwork practice plan. I think I'm just going to crash one day. I shouldn't even be typing this out since it's almost midnight, but I have to express my feelings somewhere.

Good night.
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Got my Wacom Bamboo today!

Meanwhile while I practice have a crappily-drawn Gai and Catharine.

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 Hasn't really showered here yet.

Hardly got fooled in April. Pfft.

This weekend I had a church convention. It was pretty fun, and I learned a lot about leadership (which I need) and I did get 4 free t-shirts. Nothing extremely exciting happened.

We're planning a skit as a good-bye present for all the seniors in my church, but unfortunately, we still don't know what to write it about and still have it be funny. And I lack a creative sense of humor...

So many things to do in April. I've just started Script Frenzy, which will take out chunks of my time. Also, I have commissions to work on, homework to do, things to plan, music to practice... I really should get on the computer less. It's no surprise I'm getting only 6 hours of sleep a night, but I should consider myself lucky because many more people get even less than I do.

Ah, life, why do you always cram the most important things at the same time?

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I hate Mondays.
Well, not only because it's the start of the week, but it's also the day I have piano lessons. And I admit, I'm not big on practicing.

Taught my friend how to make paper cranes. She can make other cool stuff but strangely she's never learned how to make a paper crane.

And who knew that shooting hoops for 15 minutes could wear you out? Well I never really bothered shooting hoops before. For the rest of the 45 minutes of P.E. we faked.

I heard Durarara!! episode 25 came out. Unfortunately the subs have not... So I must wait.

Journalism 1 used to be my favorite class. But ever since we got the student teacher it really is slow and it sucks. The student teacher teaches terribly - she talks too fast and has a specific way to do everything. Our oblivious teacher just sits in the corner and taps away on her Apple laptop. I can't blame her though...

And in health we watched this old movie called Life is Beautiful. And because everybody passed their test, the student teacher bought us mangoes. So we ate and watched for the whole period. Lovely.

Tuesdays: a whole lot better.
Mainly because my sister has cello lessons and my brother has after-school orchestra rehearsals, so I have the house all to myself. I really don't do anything except watch the newest episode of Bleach and check my messages. It's amazing how so much messages can build up in one night, especially on deviantArt.

This morning got to sleep in because we had a state-standardized test. So I didn't have to go until 8:30. That was an extra hour of sleep. The test was fairly easy, but soon I got extremely bored and made 2 tiny paper cranes.
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Life seems to be tough this time around in the year.

There's project deadlines, musical competitions, [not very enjoyable] parties [hosted by my parents], birthday gifts, and yes, the dreaded schoolwork. Which I am procrastinating on - my English test is tomorrow and I haven't even studied yet. It's pretty much just over Edgar Allan Poe. Great poet, just very vague. I like his works though.

So I finished two pieces of art today - it makes me feel accomplished.
  1. An art trade card (sort of like an artist's business card, but you collect them) for the Art Club at my school. We're making them for our Valentine's day party, where we'll exchange them. I think I'm going to make another one. I really hope I get a good card too."Blind Love"
  2. A birthday gift for my friend. I was planning to draw a shota (just because he likes lolis) but it didn't turn out exactly shota.
Yea, you can see that the first one is my new icon.
Ah, sorry for spamming. I just felt so proud that I had to show off my new works.

*Random fact:
For my friend's birthday gift, I used a light purple highlighter which was running out of ink. To color in the right side, I had to lick the tip of it and apply it to the paper. Disgusting, I know, but when you're drawing past your curfew (it happened to be 1 A.M.) and you know your parents would kill you if they found you awake, and you desperately want to finish the piece - what else would you do?

*Random fact two: (from Wikipedia's List of common misconceptions)
A popular myth regarding human sexuality is that men think about sex every seven seconds. In reality, there is no scientific way of measuring such a thing and, as far as researchers can tell, this statistic greatly exaggerates the frequency of sexual thoughts.
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As posted on my other blog, The Raw Potato.

I never really was into football.

And now that everyone is making such a big deal about it this year, with all the snow and all...

I still don't care.
Well, maybe I'll watch the commercials, but I don't care.

You know what's really sad?

I work really hard on my artwork. I really do. And I'm pretty satisfied with the feedback I get.

But I only create one tutorial on how to color, and that gets a 125 faves, as of now. And the picture that I did it over only gets 9.

Really, deviantArt? I give you my all, my hard work, and you return saying that deviantArtists are selfish, caring only about themselves. They only want to know how to get better, to earn that fame.

I know this rant is probably selfishness on my part, but really it shows you how depressing it is. Undoubtedly one of the most depressing things that I've ever experienced.

Let me go cry in my corner...


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