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不要爱世界和世界上的事;人若爱世界, 爱父的心就不在他里面了。(约壹 2:15)
I'm so proud that I can read the above verse without any help. Really. Hopefully I can learn more and more

Watching the light on the dash
Warning that we're gonna crash
   - One More Crash by Faded Paper Figures
I feel so overwhelmed by school and extracurricular activities. It's been so bad that I hardly have time to draw, not even to work on commissions! I've apologized deeply on my deviantart, but the art's not going to get done until my schoolwork dwindles down. Hopefully, I can achieve things.

I have two take home tests, one difficult calculus packet of worksheets, five chapters of Bless Me, Ultima to read and annotate for a quiz on Tuesday, a Chemistry test on Monday, an advertisement for newspaper to sell, orchestra to rehearse for, a Valentine's Day party to plan for (food, decorations, and background music), an annual skit to prepare fore, a dumpling party to plan (as well as create the invitations), community service hours to complete, a document analysis paper for AP World History as well as reading chapter 21, finding a suitable song for church offertory, and practicing the piano part for my friend's violin solo.

At least I had my solo/ensemble today; don't have to worry about that anymore.

And this is only my sophomore year? Isn't this supposed to be one of the better years of high school? I might as well shoot myself in the head before I can draw anything seriously. I haven't been able to practice much with my new-ish tablet. My calculus and newspaper (missing the advertisement grade) grades aren't helping either. And I also have to plan for my junior year classes. My teachers think that students are delinquents with nothing to do, therefore they assign so much.

No time for myself, so I make some. Sleep deprived, I drag myself through school. Because I try to read my manga or watch my anime or scroll through tumblr so my life isn't monotone homework schoolwork practice plan. I think I'm just going to crash one day. I shouldn't even be typing this out since it's almost midnight, but I have to express my feelings somewhere.

Good night.
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Gawd I'm almost done! I'm at 48352 words right now! One more day to go!
So tired.
Had orchestra rehearsal.
Then homework.
Then dinner.
Then I have to finish typing up this! Gamut is not nearly half over yet!
Ah wells.

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 Tried out for a solo in orchestra. This time I really tried, and I think I wasn't too bad either.
However, someone else got it. I'm not too jealous.

I feel strange, in this quasi-land of relief and regret.
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 Feels like I've been neglecting dreamwidth for a bit.

Life is busy, blah blah blah, all the etc.

At the moment I have scanlation duties, a script to write and direct [due this week], tests to study for, an audition to practice for, and a commission to finish. Still, it's not as bad as some people.

So I'm crawling along slowly, hoping I can make it out of this school year alive.

I hope I can take driving school this summer. My mother is debating with herself and my father about it. Crossing my fingers!

This Friday I attended my school's orchestra banquet. Click to read more... )
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 The art festival was nice, but it seems to get boring each year. Maybe it's because all the artists are the same ones from last year. Well, most of them anyways.

It seems as if all the work seems to pile on to specific time periods. Just this weekend, I got a project to scanlate, then someone else asked me to scanlated a second project. Luckily, they finished most of it. And I have this English essay to prepare for—if I fail this one, I'm seriously dead. And not to mention commissions... but luckily I don't have a lot of slots filled. But that's kind of a bad thing...

As for contests and etc, I suppose they can wait.

Yeah, and for Good Friday I have to go to church early because I'm working as the projectionist.

And the violin festival thing: it was ok, messed up badly a few times... But I dunno when I'll get my scores.

Frantic! At least I have music to calm me... Mizufuusen (by Maiko Fujita) is really calming me right now as I type an outline for that essay...
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 Not much to say nowadays.

School is nearing it's last grading period, and everyone is in a rush to get those grades in.

I have 2 tests tomorrow morning in a row, and I should be studying, especially Pre-Calculus...
But I'm just going to wing it the best I can, since this chapter is pretty easy.

I actually finished my first commission, so I'm extremely happy today. And some other people have told me they're planning to commission me too. Ecstasy?

Anyways, this week I'm going to have to cut my time on the internet, since this Saturday I have a violin festival to prepare for, and I'm not as good as I want to be.

Another event occurring this weekend is a local arts festival. There's going to be pottery, paintings, photography, and some weirder medias. I think maybe I should invite some of my friends so we can go stare at the fantastical creations.
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 Ah, yesterday I was having an argument with my mother.

Apparently I spend too much time on my art. Recently, I've just opened commissions and I've set my prices really low. My first commission is only $7. Counting the hours I'd spend on it, it's less than minimum wage. My mother was pretty furious.

First she said that I never practiced my violin or piano often because I liked my art better. Which is true.

I had already told her that I would quit piano lessons next year (though I'll just play it occasionally for fun). And because she was ranting about my violin and how much I didn't practice, I just got fed up and told her that if she thought so strongly about my music, then I would just quit orchestra and there wouldn't be a need to even argue about it!

Which led to another round of arguments (but it rather felt like a lecture) about how I was always too independent and never following my mother's instructions. Which, I have to say, is pretty true, because I have 2 blogs, I scanlate, I started my commissions, and bought things online. But still, I do know what I'm doing. Or at least, I hope I do.

Things have settled for now. All that's revealed that I was a stupid, stupid person who likes to do things her own way. And that's the way I'll stay.

Though I'm not planning to ditch my orchestra next year. It's really a lot of fun, though I'm not a big fan of practicing. Yeah, I think I love my visual arts better than the fine arts.

Oh yeah, and also yesterday morning at 5 A.M., it began to thunder and rain and hail. Quite exciting, but I was half asleep and the power went out. So I was late to school, since getting ready in the morning without a running microwave is quite difficult.
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 Hasn't really showered here yet.

Hardly got fooled in April. Pfft.

This weekend I had a church convention. It was pretty fun, and I learned a lot about leadership (which I need) and I did get 4 free t-shirts. Nothing extremely exciting happened.

We're planning a skit as a good-bye present for all the seniors in my church, but unfortunately, we still don't know what to write it about and still have it be funny. And I lack a creative sense of humor...

So many things to do in April. I've just started Script Frenzy, which will take out chunks of my time. Also, I have commissions to work on, homework to do, things to plan, music to practice... I really should get on the computer less. It's no surprise I'm getting only 6 hours of sleep a night, but I should consider myself lucky because many more people get even less than I do.

Ah, life, why do you always cram the most important things at the same time?

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 Big event of the day: Orchestra festival.

Not so much a festival as it is a competition, for we all know that deep down in our hearts, we need to be better than all the other orchestras in the state. Of Texas. But they don't really compare us with others, officially.

But unofficially, we're supposed to live up to the high standards that my orchestral predecessors have set. Which is extremely difficult, because they were absolutely epic.

Personally, I think when I was warming up for the performance (I sit 6th chair out of 10) I played much better than on-stage. Concert performance was overall OK. Out of the corner of my eye I saw all three judges applaud for us.

Sight-reading was a blast. Of course I made some mistakes here and there, but it was wonderful.

We were waiting outside for the results when my teacher came over. He did have the results, and he gathered us all together.

"I have some news for y'all," he said. "I thought you all played fantastic and I'm so proud of you, especially in sight-reading."

Everyone cheered.

"Now for the other news." He paused. "We got a 3 in concert performance."

What? We were absolutely shocked. A rating of 3 was terrible; we were expecting a 1 at least (best score possible).

"That's right, you got a 1, a 1, and a 1—doesn't that make a 3?" We all sighed a breath of relief: each judge had liked our performance so much that we got all 1s. My director sure loved to play jokes.

Funny—this guy in my class forgot to wear black socks, and for some strange reason I wore black socks with navy tennis shoes to school that day. I didn't need them because if I was going to wear flats, there was no way I could wear those socks. The director was so frantic but when I volunteered my socks he said I was his hero. Haha, some hero. Just some socks.
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 Tomorrow is President's Day! Which means no school. Which doesn't make sense to me, since there's still 2 or 3 days to make up. But I guess I should enjoy it while I can.

Today we were supposed to go straight home from church, but my mother and father were talking to someone. Asian parents take forever if they begin conversing with other people, especially parents. My brother tried to catch my parents' attention by playing his violin outside the building, in front of the windows. A lot of people gave him weird stares, but strangely enough, neither parent even noticed. And so we stood there for about a half-hour or more before we finally came home. I swear, it's like once you get parents talking, you can't stop them. @_@

I finished reading Shinrei Tantei Yakumo today. It was almost as good as the anime, but I really liked hearing the voice of Daisuke Ono over the pretty pictures, lol.


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