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 Merry Christmas everyone!
I'm kind of tired of this saying already, but there's nothing like a bit of Christmas cheer to keep you fuzzy inside. Right? Right?

This year, I was really hoping for a PSP but instead I got a Kindle. Somewhat disappointing, but I understand my parent's point of view. But with the Kindle, I can finally read those pdfs without going on the computer! And it can also experimentally browse the web. Mwahahaha!

Also got lotion, scarves, a plush hamster, socks, 2 red copics, more lotion, lotion + body glitter (not that I'd use that very often), a coat with fur trim (thinking Izaya, anyone?), Amulet vol. 3, a framed picture of me predicting the future even though at that moment I was just being a troll, body spray, and shower gel. Also the traditional box of shared family chocolates.

And later we get to eat ramen!
And perhaps watch more Bakemonogatari. Even though I already watched it before.

Oooh, and I need to finish up commissions too! Ai-ya!

But what's been great about this whole break is no homework! I actually couldn't believe it, so I went through my agenda and my notebooks to make sure I wasn't dreaming.
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 Woke up this morning, fresh and anew. The bathroom soap smells good, like fresh oranges.

Our first stop was Walmart, to buy some donuts for breakfast. My sister convinced my mother to buy us some powdered donuts. My mom said, "You better finish them," but we still have a whole bunch left to eat.

Second stop: Ether M Chocolate Factory. AKA the mother company of M&Ms and the bunch. It was a rather short tour, just walking down the production line, watching them drizzle chocolate onto caramel apples and inspecting molds of chocolate. At the end we got a complimentary piece of chocolate: either milk, white, or dark. I chose dark, and it was sweet and delicious.

There was an extensive cactus garden in the back of the factory, with hundreds of species of cacti. In fact, we spent more time in the garden than we did in the factory. But this was Las Vegas, Nevada, and I baked my legs in my jeans as we strolled among the spiny plants.

Then my brother bought an M&M umbrella. How .... cute? I don't have the exact word for it.

Shortly after, we visited the Hoover Dam. It was 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Strangely, it wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. The water seemed an unnatural blue-green.

And the rest of the way was just sleep sleep sleep in the car.

At around 10:30 P.M. we watched episode 7 of Durarara!! (Shizuo's background) on my netbook, and it was pretty laggy, but not laggy enough to not enjoy. My mother did not get it at all.

At around 11:15 P.M. we checked into our hotel in Albuquerque. Now my brother, my sister, and I are relaxing in the hotel, eating ramen (courtesy of the coffeemaker) while our parents are out to dine (probably at the Denny's close by). Hohoho.... let's party.

Tomorrow we'll be reaching home! I'm longing so much for my own bedroom. Some personal space, at least.
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 For two days we had no internet. Apparently it was supposed to be fixed yesterday at 8 P.M., but it never did. Fortunately, today it's all right.

So how did I survive...?

On the first day, I just read Durarara novel translations (luckily I saved them on my computer) all the while folding paper stars. I never knew folding stars was so addicting.

So the next day, that's what I did, folding stars over and over again and putting them into glass bottles. It was so addicting, I couldn't study my math at all and my mother had to confiscate my paper, scissors, and glass bottles. Pffft, not like I don't have access to paper, mother. And I can always rip strips of paper. But maybe it was a good thing that she did that. I really was folding them into the wee hours of the morning.

On a side note, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan is an OK anime, but it's mildy tedious remembering everyone's name, since my mind isn't trained to memorize Japanese names...

Procrastination... who want's to read 3 chapters of A Tale of Two Cities at this time of the night? Bah, I have to do it anyways.
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I hate Mondays.
Well, not only because it's the start of the week, but it's also the day I have piano lessons. And I admit, I'm not big on practicing.

Taught my friend how to make paper cranes. She can make other cool stuff but strangely she's never learned how to make a paper crane.

And who knew that shooting hoops for 15 minutes could wear you out? Well I never really bothered shooting hoops before. For the rest of the 45 minutes of P.E. we faked.

I heard Durarara!! episode 25 came out. Unfortunately the subs have not... So I must wait.

Journalism 1 used to be my favorite class. But ever since we got the student teacher it really is slow and it sucks. The student teacher teaches terribly - she talks too fast and has a specific way to do everything. Our oblivious teacher just sits in the corner and taps away on her Apple laptop. I can't blame her though...

And in health we watched this old movie called Life is Beautiful. And because everybody passed their test, the student teacher bought us mangoes. So we ate and watched for the whole period. Lovely.

Tuesdays: a whole lot better.
Mainly because my sister has cello lessons and my brother has after-school orchestra rehearsals, so I have the house all to myself. I really don't do anything except watch the newest episode of Bleach and check my messages. It's amazing how so much messages can build up in one night, especially on deviantArt.

This morning got to sleep in because we had a state-standardized test. So I didn't have to go until 8:30. That was an extra hour of sleep. The test was fairly easy, but soon I got extremely bored and made 2 tiny paper cranes.
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Just so you know, I'm just an Asian girl trying to survive in a stereotypical world.

This blog is pretty much an account of my life. Day to day, week to week. Boring stuff, probably. But if you do take the effort to listen and hear me out, I thank you for your time.

I really like Durarara!! the anime, and for some reason, Shizuo just reminded me of my brother too much. The only points I could put down was that (1) they were both stronger than they looked (2) they had 2 sides, one calm, one outraged. I couldn't find anything else, but both of them seemed so much the same.

I did share Durarara!! with my brother, and he told me that Shizuo was like a grown-up kid. He has tantrums, likes sweet things (episode 7, where he drinks milk and his brother eats some treat of his), and etc. etc...

Know where I'm leading with this?

Today, I finally made the connection. Both my brother and Shizuo were pretty childish. They were like 5-year olds with the intellectual capacities of regular people their age, but the way they behaved, they acted was what was making me compare them - subconsciously.

I swear, my brother is outrageously childish. My mother tells him to drink milk (ok, he doesn't really like milk like Shizuo) and he just refuses. I mean, it'd be ok if he refused passively, but he just glares at my mother defiantly and says no in the rudest way possible. And that's what provokes her, so she insists. And this tumbling cycle rolls all over itself and soon there's a fiery atmosphere. If only he had been polite, none of this would've happened.

About almost everything has to be his way. It's what irks me. He always has to get the best. It's selfish, and I hate it very much.

Now don't get me wrong, my brother can be such an idiot, but he can be quite nice and thoughtful too. He just doesn't show it very often. He'll give me tips on art, advice on social problems (though I don't always take it), share delicious snacks he has, treat me to ice cream with his own money. We could spend a whole night discussing anime/manga/games/concepts/theories/whatever.

But this is probably a typical love/hate relationship between brother and sister. It's great, because we can be complete jerks to each other but in the end, we'll still stay buddies.

But if only I could help him see his mistakes, and not get beat up about it. That's what's impossible.


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