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 Hi y'all nonexistent peoples who just stop by to read my blog.

I wonder if I should switch over to since their layout is so nice... And it's mostly user-friendly, except for the annoying, constant, "switch over to premium" reminders. But otherwise it's more beautiful. And dreamwidth is nice, but it seems more geared towards communities, which I barely use. LOL.

For now, I'm sticking here, until I can find some legitimate reason to switch. I mean, geez! I already have a (dead) blogspot, a cross-posting livejournal, not to mention two tumblrs (one inspiration/derp and one art blog). Yeah, when I look back at my blog list it's kind of depressing to see how spontaneous I am. The WordPress is up, but nothing's probably going to appear on it for a while, so you can relax. When I do finally decide to post on it though, you nonexistent peoples will find out first.

So life...
It's been great though I'm worrying about my grades tomorrow. I really hope they're above 90, but y'know, I'm such an overachieving slacker, so I probably won't do as good as I hope.

Yeah, I've actually been trying hard at Calculus, but this new series test thing is too mind-boggling for me. Or rather I understand it, but there's too many tests I have no idea which one to use. And no calculator?! My reliance on that thing is just way to heavy, isn't it?

I need to get my mother's day present framed this weekend! Who knows when I'll have another chance? I also need to finish my commission (which I've been terribly procrastinating on, please kill me) before the start of May. As well as that yearly Senior Skit at my church - that needs to be planned ASAP.

Yet I find myself drooling over animes and mangas without a second thought. And today I spent a lot of my time just tweaking my tumblr themes. But that's ok, right? I usually don't change them for months...

I'm so busy~ Probably need to go to sleep before my retinas melt into puddles of wax. I've been staring at the computer screen for 60% of my time this past week.
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不要爱世界和世界上的事;人若爱世界, 爱父的心就不在他里面了。(约壹 2:15)
I'm so proud that I can read the above verse without any help. Really. Hopefully I can learn more and more

Watching the light on the dash
Warning that we're gonna crash
   - One More Crash by Faded Paper Figures
I feel so overwhelmed by school and extracurricular activities. It's been so bad that I hardly have time to draw, not even to work on commissions! I've apologized deeply on my deviantart, but the art's not going to get done until my schoolwork dwindles down. Hopefully, I can achieve things.

I have two take home tests, one difficult calculus packet of worksheets, five chapters of Bless Me, Ultima to read and annotate for a quiz on Tuesday, a Chemistry test on Monday, an advertisement for newspaper to sell, orchestra to rehearse for, a Valentine's Day party to plan for (food, decorations, and background music), an annual skit to prepare fore, a dumpling party to plan (as well as create the invitations), community service hours to complete, a document analysis paper for AP World History as well as reading chapter 21, finding a suitable song for church offertory, and practicing the piano part for my friend's violin solo.

At least I had my solo/ensemble today; don't have to worry about that anymore.

And this is only my sophomore year? Isn't this supposed to be one of the better years of high school? I might as well shoot myself in the head before I can draw anything seriously. I haven't been able to practice much with my new-ish tablet. My calculus and newspaper (missing the advertisement grade) grades aren't helping either. And I also have to plan for my junior year classes. My teachers think that students are delinquents with nothing to do, therefore they assign so much.

No time for myself, so I make some. Sleep deprived, I drag myself through school. Because I try to read my manga or watch my anime or scroll through tumblr so my life isn't monotone homework schoolwork practice plan. I think I'm just going to crash one day. I shouldn't even be typing this out since it's almost midnight, but I have to express my feelings somewhere.

Good night.
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 If you remember the video I was directing, which I ranted about in the last post, please listen again. It's another rant, really.

It's due tomorrow. To be shown. And my friend is editing it.
But she's having problems editing it.

Nothing much I can say but that Sony Vegas isn't cooperating.

Anyways, summer is better but I can't stay on the internet for long. My mother is always watching. =___=

Last night I dreamed that I went to McDonalds. They had this new "healthier" menu called the Grasshopper menu. So I got a large grasshopper burger. When I got it, I lifted the bun (to squirt ketchup and all) and there was a grasshopper (well, more of like a cricket) just sitting there. And then it hopped off. It was alive! Then it hopped on my neck. Then I woke up, since I was trying to swat it off my neck in real life.

Weird dreams.
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 Today, I experienced one of the most stressful days of my life. Call this a rant if you will.

Ok, let me explain the situation. Every year at our church, all the non-senior youths from middle-school to 11th grade create a tribute video to the seniors, and we call this Senior Skit. We usually have a theme, and have people play as the seniors, poking fun at their little faults.

But because no one was stepping up to work on Senior Skit this year, my friend and I did. Unfortunately, because of our inexperience, we wrote the script to be too complicated.

Many people were supposed to be at church last Saturday to film, but a lot said they couldn't attend. In the end, we only got the minor parts filmed.

So today, everyone was here but the problem was, some people playing important roles either had to leave early or they were late. So we only got some major scenes filmed, but we still have some left, and choreography is somewhat of an issue. But because of scheduling conflicts, we only have tomorrow afternoon after church and the next Sunday to film. That's not a big deal, but I'm worried the seniors will be able to find out what we're filming, and that would be exceptionally annoying.

Though we got a lot of things complete, it was extremely stressing. My friend, co-director had to leave early for piano lessons. I mean, I can't really blame her for that, but she was missing the whole morning and I had to run things on my own. The cameraman was helpful, but it's stressing because I'm pretty much the only one there that knows the script. Yes, I should have released the script early, but it was my mistake.

When I sent out messages to the actors, some of them didn't respond, or they responded last-minute. And some had no idea that they were even in the filming that day! What's the point of facebook if I can't get a hold of you!?

People kept fooling around, not taking the filming seriously, and some weren't the greatest actors in the world. And so we took longer than I really wanted to. I was pretty much killing myself, trying to manage people to prepare for the next scenes, and then trying to make sure that the current scene being shot was acceptable. (As I am typing this now, the thoughts of the chaos just make me tense up.)

I'm just worried we won't be able to leave enough leeway for the editors to compile the video. Even though it's summer break (after this week), they'll only have one week to compile each of their halves, and one of the editors is known to goof off. I do not have time for any silliness. This has to be done. My friend had made a bet (unbeknownst to me) with the person in charge of last year's script, who happens to be a senior, that our Senior Skit would trump theirs. Now, I'm really doubting that we'll even be able to make it sufficient.

Oh, so many factors leading to so many troubles! I feel overwhelmed! I just hope all can go well.


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