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 Haven't been on in about three days.

Due to the fact that on Monday of this spring break I was playing Touhou instead of doing homework. Blah, who wants to do homework when you have a whole week off?

So my mother ground me from touching the computer at all (not even for homework) until I finished cleaning my room. Ouch.

I have to say, it wasn't very fair because Tuesday was my sister's birthday and we spent half the day out. At least I got to stuff myself with sushi and finish watching Jigoku Shoujo Season 1 (courtesy of my sister).

And it also wasn't fair on Wednesday since I had to go with my brother to a college visitation three and a half hours away. O joy.

Thursday I actually finished. But I went to go play Quelf with my buddies at church. Lots of fun.

Friday I watched Up (again, but this time tried not to cry). I did go on the computer, but only checked my email and Facebook.

So today I checked my deviantART. 1,239 messages and I'm still crawling through some of them....

At least my room is clean.
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I feel great!

For my birthday dinner, my parents took my whole family to a Japanese restaurant. Sushi is love.

Everything was great, from the salad, to the scallops, to the raw fish. Everything was so delicious, except for the fact that there was a dab of wasabi under every piece of sashimi. Still, I haven't had such great food in ages!

My dad just had to mention to the waitress that it was my birthday, and she said I could have free ice-cream! I did get the green tea ice-cream, but not before they sang happy birthday to me first. It was embarrassing, sitting there with a bowl of ice-cream with one pink candle sticking out. But it was so good.

And they had these little Japanese bookmarks shaped like little Jigoku Shoujos made out of origami paper. They are so pretty!

And during the car ride home, I was presented with the gifts - 
  • A nice collage by my sister
  • A journal with hand-made paper
  • A funny acrostic poem bookmark (also by my sister)
  • And 3 flesh-toned copic markers!
Overall, it wasn't as bad as it could've been.
It also wasn't what I wished for, but really the copic markers alone just make me happy. Lame-ish gifts? Possibly, but it really is the thought that counts.


19 February 2011 05:59 pm
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 Today is my birthday.

I'm getting a constant flow of wishes to my facebook wall, and it's getting more annoying by each post because most of it is just, "happy birthday XD." Not that I hate it, but really, it just spams up my wall and I'd like them to only post when they want to say something really meaningful.

So I woke at 10, did practically nothing. By 12, I was tired already.

And I attempted to do my English homework. It's so difficult, because we have to write a report about a current issue and support both sides with evidence. And how the hell am I supposed to create a mosaic about Chinese mothers and trending graphic novels?

Really, I've been on the computer forever. And not really enjoying myself that much.

But I'm excited about my birthday gift. I really wonder what it could be!

Except my birthday presents haven't ever been that great. I remember two years ago I got a journal (which wasn't too bad) and a pair of boots. They were pretty ugly boots. I really appreciated the thought, but it was just disappointing. I can't even remember what I got last year.

Ah, four of my friends have already given me really nice gifts. One drew a picture of me in my coat, scarf, bunny hat with a binja from China Mieville's Un Lun Dun. Another friend drew my namesake character, Altair. And lastly (but not least) my Taiwanese friend gave me a phone charm and a bracelet. I'm so thankful that they would even think of me. And another fellow artist drew one of my OCs (who happens to have bunny ears).

I think we're going to eat sushi tonight. Alright! Fatty tuna!


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