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 When I write, I find that I have favoritism among my characters.
Sort of.

More of when I actually write with them, I find that I write better with some characters better than others. Take my Gamut characters for example.

With Aelstro and Aragra, I write superbly well with them, easily completing the goal for that day, but when I get stuck in a rut with them, it goes extremely slow. So slow I would want to die. Luckily, I cure myself from writer's block quite easily.

With Cardanoc, Reymont, and Endere, I write averagely on them, but it's kind of hard to express their personalities without quickly falling into cliches and stereotypes. At least I can put them in interesting situations and I know exactly how they'll react.

But with Minorei, he's such a sweet character but it's so freaking hard to write anything about him! He sings, he's plagued with a disease, he's socially inept, he's indecisive! I have no idea what to write on him and the days I do write on him go really slow. Maybe it's just because he's an awkward character, or maybe it's because he hasn't been involved in much action yet. I do hope it's the latter.

Ahhhh, and the way I've just divided them is the only other of the six they've met so far. I'm almost halfway, yet none of them have met each the other half of the group yet! This is devastating!

Got about 1200 words more to go for today! Ciao!
Miyavi will sweeten my head with his songs, thank you man, now I can write happily.
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 List of characters and how to pronounce their ridiculous names! (To be updated as I write!)

Major Characters
  • Aelstro - ey EL stro - Male, Age 17, Short curly black hair, rippled blue eyes. Tall. Twins with Aragra. Watches over his older sister, who seems to be the only person he loves. He seems to be arrogant to strangers, taking on leadership roles, but he only does that to put himself in the advantage of any relationship.
  • Aragra - aRAHgra - Female, Age 17, Long wavy black hair, rippled violet eyes, pale complexion, dark bags under the eyes, quite skinny. Twins with Aelstro. Older of the two. Has demonic nightmares that occur often, resulting in daytime paranoia. She feels very useless and weak, and throughout her life, she's wanted to do something, at least for the brother who cares for her so much. Her father is a member and the leader of an occult refered to as the Order of the Goddess.
  • Cardanoc - KARdunnok - Female, Long black hair, tan skin, changing green eyes. has been in the scientific study center for a period of time. Her tendency to seek excitement and adventure frequently gets her into trouble. However, her personality is very scorning and sarcastic, but there's a sincerity behind every word she says.
  • Endere - enDAIR - Female, Age 14, Short grey hair, orange eyes. Secondary school student. Bright personality, though loves revenge. Though when she is in a trance, her personality changes to cold and uncaring, and something unnatural lies underneath. She's worried that the trances will one day overtake her.
  • Minorei - minOHRey - Male, Age 16, Slight frame, whitish hair. Worries about his future. Has a great (though more high-pitched and feminine) voice. Sings a lot. Has some sort of disease, which has spread extensively in his body. Extremely nervous and superstitious, also a has mysophobia.
  • Reymont Foster - reyMONT FAWster- Male, Age 14, Short, black chili-bowl style hair, red eyes. Classmate of Endere. Small in size, but more tactical than he looks, though he is still weaker than his companions. Cold interactions, though on the inside he is insecure, which shows during the course of Gamut. Looks up to a mentioned brother, but his brother is absent from his life for some strange reason.

Minor Characters
  • Aelstro and Aragra's father - Male, the bearded man is the leader of the Order of the Goddess. He wears a single grey monocle. He is busy with work, the matter of which is unknown to the twins. They do know of his love for the occult and suspect that the manner of moneymaking he's involved in has something to do with the Order. He is a distant figure in their lives but holds an influence of fear over them. His wife is gone (reason not completely revealed) and he gets by life, focusing on his obsession.
  • Aelstro and Aragra's mother - Female, dark hair is usually tied up. She holds her children over anything else. When the twins were nine (and Aneres six), she left permanently. The reason is related to her affair with Aneres's father, but not completely revealed.
  • Aneres - uhNAIRez - Female, dark grey hair. Age 14, half-sister of Aelstro and Aragra on their mother's side. Tends to curse a lot. Likes sharpening her skill with darts.
  • Lynnette Frazier - Female, Straightly-cut light grey hair. Dark grey eyes. Researcher at Cairn Hospital. Tends to be snobby and arrogant. Prefers things done her way, but she absolutely respects Dr. Covarrubias.
  • Minorei's Father - Male, Like his wife, he has trouble showing his love for his son. They never were very close, and he only expects his son to do the best that he can do. Main breadwinner of the family. However, he is very receptive to new ideas.
  • Minorei's Mother - Female, she only wants the best for her son, which is why she makes many decisions for him. However, she knows that in doing that she's limiting his freedom and eventually, Minorei becomes easily swayed. She regrets doing this and decides to let him make his own decisions.
  • Monteith Serosity - Male, a heavily pierced and tattooed young man whose personality is totally opposite of what most people suspect, defying stereotypes. He gets along with others quite well. Insists on wearing totally casual clothes even though he works for a firm employer, the government.
  • Mr. Schwartz - Male, Aelstro's mustached archery teacher, but he does nothing other than call out instruction from his comfortable spot on his student's mansion patio and eat strawberry scones with tea, thus revealing part of the reason for his obesity. He's close friends with his student's father. Aelstro very much dislikes him.
  • Reymont's brother - Male, has a knack for spray cheese. He's always looking out for his brother and has taught Reymont some basic fighting/evasion skills. He traveled around the world as a part of his job and brought his brother along with him. Though he may seem carefree, he always has a wary guard on, ready to protect himself,  his brother, or an innocent civilian when needed.
  • Samus - Male, Aelstro and Aragra's father's most trusted servant. He has a undying dream to see the Order rise in any way possible, and plots to do so till his very death.
  • Tarah Covarrubias - TAIRuh kohvahROObeeus - Female, White hair tied in a ponytail, cold & whitish eyes are behind rimless spectacles. A doctor in the scientific study center of high status. Very observatory and tactical, but sometimes she gets too carried away with her cold behavior and accidentally lets her desires show.


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