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 The art festival was nice, but it seems to get boring each year. Maybe it's because all the artists are the same ones from last year. Well, most of them anyways.

It seems as if all the work seems to pile on to specific time periods. Just this weekend, I got a project to scanlate, then someone else asked me to scanlated a second project. Luckily, they finished most of it. And I have this English essay to prepare for—if I fail this one, I'm seriously dead. And not to mention commissions... but luckily I don't have a lot of slots filled. But that's kind of a bad thing...

As for contests and etc, I suppose they can wait.

Yeah, and for Good Friday I have to go to church early because I'm working as the projectionist.

And the violin festival thing: it was ok, messed up badly a few times... But I dunno when I'll get my scores.

Frantic! At least I have music to calm me... Mizufuusen (by Maiko Fujita) is really calming me right now as I type an outline for that essay...
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 Not much to say nowadays.

School is nearing it's last grading period, and everyone is in a rush to get those grades in.

I have 2 tests tomorrow morning in a row, and I should be studying, especially Pre-Calculus...
But I'm just going to wing it the best I can, since this chapter is pretty easy.

I actually finished my first commission, so I'm extremely happy today. And some other people have told me they're planning to commission me too. Ecstasy?

Anyways, this week I'm going to have to cut my time on the internet, since this Saturday I have a violin festival to prepare for, and I'm not as good as I want to be.

Another event occurring this weekend is a local arts festival. There's going to be pottery, paintings, photography, and some weirder medias. I think maybe I should invite some of my friends so we can go stare at the fantastical creations.


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