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Hah~ I like how I just about never update on here anymore.
Actually I don't.

One of my friends was willing to adopt four of my guppies, since I had to make room for at least nine two-week old baby fry. I decided to give them to her on Sunday, when we would see each other at church. But they died before they could reach her hands.

I feel so bad, because it was my neglect that killed them. I failed to stop my father who naively used tap water (treated) to contain the fish instead of aquarium water. Apparently the new water was too much of a shock and all four of them died.

Guilt guilt guilt.

Even if it is just four small fish, I just feel awful that I killed something. Even if I blame it on my father, it's still my fault.


But I guess I have to ignore it, since there's nothing else to be done.

This week I'm helping out at my church's children's art camp. Man, it's exhausting, and some of the kids are vehemently vexing. But most of them are just fine.

Also on Wednesday, I'll be completing driver's ed with the final lesson: the infamous parallel parking. Honestly, I'm tired of driving school, especially since I've had to endure watching at least three other drivers complete the fourth lesson (country driving) on the same road.

I've also been watching Natsuyuki Rendezvous, a josei anime about a love triangle between a florist, a man, and the florist's dead husband, who is currently in ghost form. Unfortunately, only the man can see the ghost, causing some very interesting reactions. The concept is very entrancing, the characters and cast are excellent, and the music portions are emotion-inducing. Because it's in the josei genre, the feel is definitely very different and I can't feel any stereotypical vibes anywhere. The characters are very lifelike in personality and all likable. Just one thing though; I feel like the story is escalating so fast, despite the fact that it's actually calm and undramatic! Wait, it is kind of dramatic? I can't really tell anyways, because it feels like both. Ah, but it is a strange love triangle and I'm curious about it's ending. However, I'll probably finish the anime before I pick up the manga.

I love short hair this summer.
Oh, and if I'm not on the computer it's nearly almost always because I'm playing minesweeper (such a useless game) on my Kindle or watching gymnastics or swimming for the 2012 London Olympics. I'm so lazy.



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