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GCT 7 - The final log of the Grand Canyon trip, ultimately boring.
Nothing much happening today. Just going home all day.
I am fuming at my brother, and at my sister.
They keep calling me fat, stupid, weeaboo, generic, whatever they call me. Middle child gets all the good stuff, eh?
I really wish I could bite their heads off. Wish I could curse and all.
But I refrain. Try to at least.
Maybe I'll go cry in a pitiful corner later.
Because I have too much pride.
But I need to keep my composure.
Think emotionless. Poker face. Poker face. Poker face.
Saito's face.
That works.
Bottle it up.
Use it later. 
I think I'm going to punch through their computer.
But I'm still alive.
There's reason for me to live.
I'm alive.
And I will fight.
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 Woke up this morning, fresh and anew. The bathroom soap smells good, like fresh oranges.

Our first stop was Walmart, to buy some donuts for breakfast. My sister convinced my mother to buy us some powdered donuts. My mom said, "You better finish them," but we still have a whole bunch left to eat.

Second stop: Ether M Chocolate Factory. AKA the mother company of M&Ms and the bunch. It was a rather short tour, just walking down the production line, watching them drizzle chocolate onto caramel apples and inspecting molds of chocolate. At the end we got a complimentary piece of chocolate: either milk, white, or dark. I chose dark, and it was sweet and delicious.

There was an extensive cactus garden in the back of the factory, with hundreds of species of cacti. In fact, we spent more time in the garden than we did in the factory. But this was Las Vegas, Nevada, and I baked my legs in my jeans as we strolled among the spiny plants.

Then my brother bought an M&M umbrella. How .... cute? I don't have the exact word for it.

Shortly after, we visited the Hoover Dam. It was 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Strangely, it wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. The water seemed an unnatural blue-green.

And the rest of the way was just sleep sleep sleep in the car.

At around 10:30 P.M. we watched episode 7 of Durarara!! (Shizuo's background) on my netbook, and it was pretty laggy, but not laggy enough to not enjoy. My mother did not get it at all.

At around 11:15 P.M. we checked into our hotel in Albuquerque. Now my brother, my sister, and I are relaxing in the hotel, eating ramen (courtesy of the coffeemaker) while our parents are out to dine (probably at the Denny's close by). Hohoho.... let's party.

Tomorrow we'll be reaching home! I'm longing so much for my own bedroom. Some personal space, at least.
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We got up in the morning to meet a fresh new day. Had some Hot Pockets and left to go to Bryce National Park. Truthfully, I don't think any of us were that much in the mood to see more and more rocks but we all went anyways.
It was pretty much like the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but the rock structure was slightly different.
Then we went to Zion National Park. The rocks there were prettier, and we were in the pit of the canyon so we could just stop and stare upwards at the pinnacles.
The Virgin River there carved the canyon. I dipped my hand into the water: frigid. It was such a wonderful relief from the unforgiving, sunburn-inducing sun.
One of my favorite places was Weeping Rock, which was a long and treacherously hot climb, but totally worth it. At the top, spring water dribbled down and the cool water was an oasis. I did get pretty wet, and the view was pretty nice.
Also saw a ninja squirrel on the way back to the car. It was hugging the ground as it crawled along.
Then on to Las Vegas! On the way, my sister complained about how much she craved for an ice cream cone, and my parents said that if we found a Braums, they would certainly treat us to some. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one and my sister bugged my parents so much that we finally drove into a McDonalds and ordered some, plus 20 McNuggets and a large fries. I usually detest McDonald's food (because of Supersize Me and other horror stories), but I gobbled down what I could. Very out of character.
Anyways, Las Vegas was a brilliant place, certainly a city of lights. Congested traffic, drunk people dressed in fancy clothes, smoky air - it clogged all your senses. The first few minutes of walking was ok, but after an hour or so it really began to get on my nerves. There were people clapping these business cards together, trying to give it to people as they passed by. Only later when I saw many discarded business cards on the ground did I realize that those were business cards for "escorts." Las Vegas truly is a city of sin, and I detested it. I really just wanted to get out of the street. And never get drunk like the people around me.
Finally we came back to our hotel and had some steak in its 24 hour cafe. The waiter was Chinese (what a coincidence) and I was so full. This was at 3 A.M. Central Time (synced to my body), or 1 A.M. whatever Nevada time is (not synced to my body). Indeed, I was very tired.
Now it's morning, and I'm ready to go. Not really hungry because of last night's dinner.
Oh yes, and the hotel is amazing. The rate is cheap and the room is fabulous. I guess they can only do this because there's a casino at the bottom, where elderly people play the slot machines like zombies.
Onward! I think we're visiting a chocolate factory and the Hoover Dam today.
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 The Super 8 motel we stayed at last night was so much better than the last. It had a microwave, a fridge, comfortable beds. Pretty spacious too. So for dinner, we made a Walmart run and bought some microwavable dinners.

Mine was a pasta that you boiled in the microwave. It was easy to prepare, but the taste was pretty terrible. It wasn't too bad that I couldn't eat it with a straight face, which I did. Later I had ramen which pretty much cleared up that bland and sour taste. Watched The Perfect Storm while eating.

I had a pretty good sleep, considering the sleep the night before.

Morning - breakfast was dull. Mother and Father were a bit pissed off at my brother, because he took so long to come down from the hotel room to put his belongings in the car. It seemed like a bad beginning to a new day.

We went into Antelope Canyon (accidentally dubbed "Cantaloupe Canyon" by my father) and it was indeed, very beautiful. Inside, it was cool and the walls were delicately carved smooth by water over years and years of time. The colors were spectacular. Even though the terrain was tough and the tour claustrophobic, I loved the hike because of the beauty. Everyone came out fine, except for my sister who survived a few bruises. Saw some lizards too on the hike back to the parking lot. They do like their shade, so one of them kept chasing my shadow. Oh yes, and there was so much sand in my shoes after the tour.

Slept the rest of the way as we traveled to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We made a stop at some patio and ate a lunch there.

The North Rim is pretty much like the South Rim; just with more trees and flies. I wore dark jeans today, so my legs were on fire.

Now I'm at our current hotel. It's independently owned, but it's amazing. The room is so clean and has lovely decorations. The internet service is pretty reliable, even though it gave my brother a hard time until now to connect. The TV is actually a LCD screen, and the bathroom is beautiful. (No grime!)

Though my sister did have a huge nosebleed just now. Took about 10 minutes for the blood to stop flowing.
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 GCT 3 - winds
Turned out the smoky hotel room we got last minute was a rip off. No alarm clock, cracking walls, too-soft pillows. Some of the lights in the room didn't even work. Truly dissatisfied. The only thing I liked about it was that the bed was king-sized.
We set out in the morning with rolls, bananas, cold pizza, and chocolate milk as our breakfast. The chocolate milk was great, but the packaging was terrible, especially the straw. Pretty leaky, and hard to sip the beverage.
So we departed from Flagstaff, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon South Rim. Except our GPS refused to cooperate and my parents were just leading us in circles. Finally, we found a suitable route and the rest of the drive I slept pretty soundly.
First stop: Mather Point. This was our first view of the Grand Canyon and it was, I have to admit, pretty spectacular. Canyons in canyons in canyons. Red and purple and brown and blue all painted across the landscape. Unfortunately, last night when I was sleeping, my brain was playing tricks on me and I had the feeling of falling in my half-sleep, half-wake stage. So today I had a deathly fear of the edge, unlike yesterday. I really couldn't stand to be near the edge as much as Walnut Canyon.
I stopped to tie my shoe and drink a few sips of water and suddenly, a powerful gust of wind just blew my cap straight off my head. I was expecting the railing to catch it but it just slipped under and fell down into the ravine. Oh great. What a wonderful way to begin my hike.
My sister and I stopped in the bathroom to wash our hands. The hand dryer in there blew so hard that the skin on the back of my hand rippled. Because we'd been watching Baccano recently, I began to scream, "I'm being devoured! Ahhh!" (We were alone at the time, because two old ladies just exited.) Apparently we were really loud, because my brother told me that the two old ladies that just left stared at the bathroom with strange looks as my sister and I were making screaming noises. Hah. Every time I think about it, it makes me laugh.
Our lodge didn't have our room prepared, so we decided to take a shuttle to the different points of interest on the trail.
The height scared me. It seemed that whatever courage I had yesterday had been transfered to my sister, who was extremely bold today. Scary. My brother was grabbing her out of fear that she would topple over the edge.
Hah, my sister also dropped a full water bottle by the way. We were watching 2 lizards fight and it just happened.
As we took the shuttle from place to place, there happened to be another Chinese family there too: a mother, a father, a son, and a pair of grandparents. The mother seemed to be the pushy one, wanting the family to see everything; the father, a pushover. The son was just excited; the grandma was also somewhat excited. The grandfather just pretty much sat there with a blank look on his face. Unfortunately, I have to say the mother was pretty loud and made a ruckus.
Ah, my feet are sore and I'm beginning to get hungry. Ciao, and have fun. I'll be editing the previous posts to add some pictures of the beauty (and terror) of nature.
GCT  4  - hearts
Last night I did have a good meal. There was supposed to be internet in the overpriced cafe, and there was, but it was extremely slow. So slow, in fact, I couldn't even log in to dreamwidth to post an entry because it timed out.
And then we went back to the hotel. I learned how to play hearts (the card game) on the computer by trial and error. I think I still suck though, since I can't exactly grasp the concept of it. Later we watched a movie late into the night.
But last night I couldn't sleep very well. The room was very hot and we turned on both the fans available. But me being me, I had major problems with the environment. First off, I sleep in almost complete silence. Both fans were driving me mad, not to mention my father's snoring. Secondly , I turn a lot in my sleep and because my mother, my sister, and I were sleeping in one queen-sized bed, I had barely enough room to move. And because of all the sights I had seen that day, my dizziness kicked in. All these factors led to a hard-to-sleep night. It was resolved by my dad sleeping on the floor, my mother sleeping where my dad was, so I had extra room to move. Thank God. To block out noise I just slept with the pillow on top of my head.
Today wasn't much... just viewing more and more of the crevice in the ground. Ahh, tired.
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 Another day on my trip to the Grand Canyon. Luckily, things are looking up. The sights were beautiful and the air was somewhat refreshing.

And my long story continues on... )
Haha, well now to take a refreshing shower and eat some pizza for dinner in our smoky room.
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Ah, today is the first day of my trip to the Grand Canyon. I never really mentioned anything about it in my blog, but if you've been tracking me on my tumblr, deviantart, or just talking to me, then you know about it.

Like before said, I'm not really excited for this trip. I mean, it's just looking at a giant crack in the ground. And some rocks. Which happen to be pretty. But since my parents have meticulously planned this trip, I can't say no, and I'm not going to complain. I'm going to try to enjoy it the best I can.

Right now I'm in the motel with insecure internet access. But at least there is internet. And at least it's decent. Not like anyone is really trying to hack into this silly little netbook anyways.

It took 10 hours to drive all the way here, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yup, that accounts for the sore bottoms today. At least I wasn't sitting in the middle like my sister, whose seat is extremely uncomfortable. I do feel sorry for her.

But as we drove into New Mexico, we began to see little mesas and to be honest, I became awed. It was pretty beautiful, the sights. The mountains were pretty cool too. This certainly gives me more hope for the Grand Canyon; if I can be awed by those small rocks, then I can be awed by a spectacular ravine most likely.

For lunch we ate at a Carl's Jr. The ladies seemed a bit overwhelmed with the customer demand and we waited a while for our order. Apparently it had got mixed up and forgotten, but they quickly worked to get us our food, and as an apology they even gave us two free cookies. Ah, they were nice people.

During the ride we did watch Baccano, all the way to episode 7. I got carsick after staring at the screen too long. But it's really nice to re-watch amazing anime.

For dinner we went to this Chinese restaurant. On the sign, it claimed to be the only authentic Chinese restaurant in the entire state of New Mexico. The service was nice. The waiter actually truthfully told us that some of the items on the menu were American Chinese, not authentic Chinese, but they advised us on our choices and we got a really good meal.

My fortune cookie says, "A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory." Wonder if that really applies to me. On the back: "LEARN CHINESE: - Skating 滑(liu) 冰(bing) - Lucky Numbers - 49, 28, 51, 20, 6, 7"

I'm tired from the trip. It's been a long ride and tomorrow will be at least 5 hours worth. I hope you all are having a fabulous week.


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