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 When I write, I find that I have favoritism among my characters.
Sort of.

More of when I actually write with them, I find that I write better with some characters better than others. Take my Gamut characters for example.

With Aelstro and Aragra, I write superbly well with them, easily completing the goal for that day, but when I get stuck in a rut with them, it goes extremely slow. So slow I would want to die. Luckily, I cure myself from writer's block quite easily.

With Cardanoc, Reymont, and Endere, I write averagely on them, but it's kind of hard to express their personalities without quickly falling into cliches and stereotypes. At least I can put them in interesting situations and I know exactly how they'll react.

But with Minorei, he's such a sweet character but it's so freaking hard to write anything about him! He sings, he's plagued with a disease, he's socially inept, he's indecisive! I have no idea what to write on him and the days I do write on him go really slow. Maybe it's just because he's an awkward character, or maybe it's because he hasn't been involved in much action yet. I do hope it's the latter.

Ahhhh, and the way I've just divided them is the only other of the six they've met so far. I'm almost halfway, yet none of them have met each the other half of the group yet! This is devastating!

Got about 1200 words more to go for today! Ciao!
Miyavi will sweeten my head with his songs, thank you man, now I can write happily.


12 November 2011 05:45 pm
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 While writing Gamut (which I am currently right now procrastinating on), I've been listening to a lot of J-rock, especially visual kei.

I think Miyavi is my absolute favorite. His voice is so lovely sounding and his music ranges in style and is pretty eccentric. Not to mention the awesome crazy good looks he has.

Okay... he does most of the time. His hairstyles are pretty interesting as they change from time to time.

Yah, ciao~ Go play with some kitties.


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