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 There had been rumor floating around our school in the past month or so that there would be a shooting at our school on April 20 by this one freshman boy.

Accounts vary: Some say they caught him in the bathroom with pipe bombs and a journal. Some say that he told his friends. Still others think that it was a prank to frame him.

Honestly, I had no idea which facts were right or wrong, and honestly, I didn't care. The authorities had already investigated the threat and deemed it nothing to be of concern. Still, there was extra hype and tension all around, and many students said they weren't coming to school that day, whether out of genuine worry or just an excuse to get out of school. Not that they would be excused, because the administrators did say that any absence that day would be counted as unexcused, unless for a real doctor's appointment or etcetera.

So yesterday, I showed up to my first class of the day, Journalism I. Twelve students were present, fifteen absent.

The journalism teacher said that she saw the accused boy walking around in the hallways, and everywhere he went, the halls grew silent. Poor kid.

As an encouragement for students to show up, some teachers put major tests or quizzes on that date. Personally, I couldn't miss school because of a huge English essay which I had prepared for all day on Tuesday. And my health teacher did bribe us, saying, "Guys—on Wednesday it'll be the best day in health ever. Turns out all that was exciting was that we got an easy 100 on an assignment and I got a nice little toy soldier wielding a Gatling gun. (We were studying bacterial and viral infections, and how human bodies fight them with the immune system; the army comparison was a nice metaphor.)

Well, we all survived. No one did anything suspicious or deadly, perhaps due to the fact that because of all the excitement, there was extra security today.

There were also rumors that the shooting would occur the day after, but everything was fine today. Baseless whispers, they only are worthy for mindless chatter.


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