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不要爱世界和世界上的事;人若爱世界, 爱父的心就不在他里面了。(约壹 2:15)
I'm so proud that I can read the above verse without any help. Really. Hopefully I can learn more and more

Watching the light on the dash
Warning that we're gonna crash
   - One More Crash by Faded Paper Figures
I feel so overwhelmed by school and extracurricular activities. It's been so bad that I hardly have time to draw, not even to work on commissions! I've apologized deeply on my deviantart, but the art's not going to get done until my schoolwork dwindles down. Hopefully, I can achieve things.

I have two take home tests, one difficult calculus packet of worksheets, five chapters of Bless Me, Ultima to read and annotate for a quiz on Tuesday, a Chemistry test on Monday, an advertisement for newspaper to sell, orchestra to rehearse for, a Valentine's Day party to plan for (food, decorations, and background music), an annual skit to prepare fore, a dumpling party to plan (as well as create the invitations), community service hours to complete, a document analysis paper for AP World History as well as reading chapter 21, finding a suitable song for church offertory, and practicing the piano part for my friend's violin solo.

At least I had my solo/ensemble today; don't have to worry about that anymore.

And this is only my sophomore year? Isn't this supposed to be one of the better years of high school? I might as well shoot myself in the head before I can draw anything seriously. I haven't been able to practice much with my new-ish tablet. My calculus and newspaper (missing the advertisement grade) grades aren't helping either. And I also have to plan for my junior year classes. My teachers think that students are delinquents with nothing to do, therefore they assign so much.

No time for myself, so I make some. Sleep deprived, I drag myself through school. Because I try to read my manga or watch my anime or scroll through tumblr so my life isn't monotone homework schoolwork practice plan. I think I'm just going to crash one day. I shouldn't even be typing this out since it's almost midnight, but I have to express my feelings somewhere.

Good night.
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Potatoes today, mmm.
Almost didn't reach the 40,000 word mark. But I finally made it.

Tomorrow's Black Friday, meaning I'm going shopping for a tablet! And my father also promised me a PSP if I can keep up my grades and finish my online coursework. You betcha, I will get this thing. Now just how to figure out how to get Hakuouki Limited Edition... I don't think my parents would appreciate their daughter playing dating otome games with lots of blood in it. And my mom's an anti-demon kind of person. She wouldn't like the "Demon of the Fleeting Blossom" tagline. I mean, she even thought Allen Walker was a demon! I had to explain to her that he was an exorcist but she would not hear any of it!

Anyways, off to practice some Mushishi OSTs on the piano before I go to sleep! Super excited! But I just don't know what to get my parents. =___=
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Slept in until about 10, since this week has been wearing me out. Did just about 2-3 problems of math, practiced a bit of piano, random etc.

We visited some old friends who happened to be in town, or rather, in the town and hour away. We ate out at a great Chinese restaurant, had lots of lovely bamboo shoots and fish.

Later we went to the supermarket. Strangely, they were selling parrot fish at the fresh fish counter. It was strange. I was just walking along, blankly staring at the greys and browns and suddenly there's just this splash of blue and pink. Heh, I wouldn't have dared to eat it unless if the skin was peeled off. It was just too colorful. I did take some pictures, so I'll see if I can get them uploaded.


Gave my mom a cd, a blend of soft/summery anime soundtracks.

Had to finish the homework I didn't finish yesterday.

Drew something not in cartoon style. It took 1 hour to get the sketch and 2 hours to do some minor detail. This might take a while...

Well that's pretty much my weekend. It doesn't seem like much but I feel pretty happy.
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 Ah, yesterday I was having an argument with my mother.

Apparently I spend too much time on my art. Recently, I've just opened commissions and I've set my prices really low. My first commission is only $7. Counting the hours I'd spend on it, it's less than minimum wage. My mother was pretty furious.

First she said that I never practiced my violin or piano often because I liked my art better. Which is true.

I had already told her that I would quit piano lessons next year (though I'll just play it occasionally for fun). And because she was ranting about my violin and how much I didn't practice, I just got fed up and told her that if she thought so strongly about my music, then I would just quit orchestra and there wouldn't be a need to even argue about it!

Which led to another round of arguments (but it rather felt like a lecture) about how I was always too independent and never following my mother's instructions. Which, I have to say, is pretty true, because I have 2 blogs, I scanlate, I started my commissions, and bought things online. But still, I do know what I'm doing. Or at least, I hope I do.

Things have settled for now. All that's revealed that I was a stupid, stupid person who likes to do things her own way. And that's the way I'll stay.

Though I'm not planning to ditch my orchestra next year. It's really a lot of fun, though I'm not a big fan of practicing. Yeah, I think I love my visual arts better than the fine arts.

Oh yeah, and also yesterday morning at 5 A.M., it began to thunder and rain and hail. Quite exciting, but I was half asleep and the power went out. So I was late to school, since getting ready in the morning without a running microwave is quite difficult.
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 Hasn't really showered here yet.

Hardly got fooled in April. Pfft.

This weekend I had a church convention. It was pretty fun, and I learned a lot about leadership (which I need) and I did get 4 free t-shirts. Nothing extremely exciting happened.

We're planning a skit as a good-bye present for all the seniors in my church, but unfortunately, we still don't know what to write it about and still have it be funny. And I lack a creative sense of humor...

So many things to do in April. I've just started Script Frenzy, which will take out chunks of my time. Also, I have commissions to work on, homework to do, things to plan, music to practice... I really should get on the computer less. It's no surprise I'm getting only 6 hours of sleep a night, but I should consider myself lucky because many more people get even less than I do.

Ah, life, why do you always cram the most important things at the same time?

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 I feel like crap today.

Nothing bad happened really, I'm just extremely exhausted.

Because we missed 5 days of school in those two weeks, the teachers and administrators are frantic and shoving homework down our throats. I really shouldn't have procrastinated this weekend, but seriously, it was too tempting to resist. After all, why do it now when you can easily do it the day after? (As said by my youth minister.) Pre-Calculus alone just ruined my brain, not to mention my English project due next week.

And to add up on that, I have to practice my piano and violin. I haven't been doing much of either, and this Friday we have a "practice" contest, and if we get pummeled by the judges, my director will pummel the whole orchestra. Not fun. And the piano recital is coming up soon, as well as my violin solo...

I haven't gotten much sleep. I should get more but my body clock just won't allow me.

That's all. Life is a disappointment around this time of the year.
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 Here I am, sitting in my most wonderfully comfortable bar stool at the island in the center of my kitchen, tapping quietly away at the family netbook while sipping imaginary tea to the music of my sister playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata with minor errors now and then. It really is quite entertaining. The time is 3:38 P.M.

Yesterday, school was quite abuzz with news of "a major incoming weather system" that would hit my town by that night and this morning. I just shrugged off the rumors and instead concentrated on studying for my upcoming Pre-Calculus test over polar systems, which I was quite worried about because I had forgotten how to solve most of the problems. (As it came to be, the test was quite easy but I have my fingers crossed for the results.)

This morning I had woken to the abrupt and impossibly annoying blaring of my alarm clock at six o' clock in the morning. I had shambled over to the buzzing object and mashed its buttons like a good teenage zombie before shutting it off and falling back into a dreamy, deep sleep.

At approximately 6:30 A.M., I rewoke, my internal body clock frantic to get me out of bed and into school. Unfortunately, a body clock is not one to be argued with and so half-heartedly, I dragged myself up to see if there would be any school today. During that moment, my brain thought, Dammit, if only school was out today I could get more sleep. After a couple of minutes blankly staring at the TV screen, it became apparent there was no school - canceled. I believe my school district administrator was just so tired too. (In my head I can see him wake up and say "WTF, let's just cancel classes - I don't want to get out of bed!")

So I went back upstairs, read Realies vol. 1 over again for an hour, then fell back into deep sleep at exactly 7:30 A.M.

And now I have nothing to do, and looking outside, the ice and slush and snow has already melted. Though by this time, school would've already been over. What a waste of a perfectly good snow day.

In other news, my school is offering a Chinese course next year, and I, being Chinese, am taking it. I have too, because after all, my Chinese-speaking skills are terrible (what a lame American accent!), not to mention my writing skills. (=_=;) I hear the teacher will be Ms. K, this Asian substitute teacher we have. Practically no one understands what she's saying (and she's unreasonable sometimes). Luckily, I more or less get the gist of what she's saying so I think I'll be ok. Even if she doesn't teach properly, there'll be some student aids (who know Chinese) to help me and also my mother to fall back on.

Now instead of playing Moonlight Sonata, my sister is playing a slowed-down version of the Minute Waltz. I absolutely despised learning that piece... as well as Clair-de-Lune. I guess the only thing from Debussy I really like is his Reverie. But that's just some classical music ranting - pretty boring if you ask me, unless if you are into all that Baroque and Classical and Romantic music and what not.
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 This is the third day that there's been no school.

I'm kind of glad. I had a test on Wednesday, but that's been canceled. Which gives me much more time to study. And goof off, of course.

But then I don't have anything very big to look out for, so I'd rather go to school and get it over with than make it up later on holidays or even worse, my summer vacation.

There's never been snow, or rather ice, I should say, over here in Texas. It's so cold, all the moisture in the snow has frozen, so it's become one large slab of ice instead of that wonderful wet snow we know. And the only snow that isn't frozen is powdery, which is no fun.

So I spend my time drawing, finishing up requests, checking my daily messages constantly, commenting, etc. etc. I have no life if my computer was taken away from me. Except maybe drawing.

I have to accompany my brother on his violin solo using the piano. To be honest, I haven't really been serious about it and so I hardly practice. The competition is supposed to be this Saturday, but guess what? Canceled, because of the icy conditions. That's a relief.

But tomorrow, Friday, our church has a Valentine's day party, and that's definitely rescheduled. I was really looking forward to it too. We usually dress formal, have a dinner (this year guys are preparing the food), a speaker, then gifts are given (girls are giving guys a gift this year). Because I absolutely refuse to wear a dress this year - it is really cold, after all, XD - I was planning to wear a dress shirt, a vest, some slacks, and a tie to finish it off.

The party has been rescheduled to Feb. 18. But that sucks! Who's ever heard of a V-day party after V-day itself?! It's not going to be as exciting as it could be. But then I shouldn't worry too much. I don't really romanticize... Unless if you could call my fangirlism romanticizing.

Ah! I ordered Realies from today! I really hope I can get it soon. It's a great manhwa, and I'm looking forward to rereading the chapters. It's supposed to have a second volume, but I guess Lee Si-young was too busy drawing other things to continue with Realies. How depressing. Oh well, it should be shipped in 3 days. :D


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